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Perfectly Balanced Vodka or Whiskey for Any Occasion


If you're tired of drinking vodka or whiskey that tastes like rubbing alcohol, you're sure to fall in love with our handcrafted spirits. Mossy Ledge Spirits is proud to create unique spirits that are clean-tasting with signature flavors, like toasted coconut, sweet tea and peppermint. 

Our vodka and whiskey spirits are well-balanced and crafted to inspire. Stop by our craft distillery to try a few today. We're conveniently located in Etna, ME and the greater Maine area.

What is a cordial?

You may hear the word cordial thrown around quite a bit at our distillery. This term is just another word for schnapps.You'll find that our 40 proof cordials are great to sip over ice or in a mixed cocktail.

  • Toasted Coconut Cordial ~ Our most popular flavor, even liked by those who don't prefer coconut. Use this in all of your coconut recipes.

  • Pineapple Cordial ~ Mix it with Toasted Coconut for the perfect tropical getaway feeling.

  • Blood Orange Cordial ~ Mix it just like the Toasted Coconut or add just a splash of half & half or Cream Soda for an Orange Creamsicle.

  • Cherry Cordial ~ A mixture of red cherry and black cherry extracts. Use this instead of grenadine or mix with your favorite soda.

  • Amaretto ~ Not as sweet as other brands. Try it with lemonade or Coke.

  • Sweet Tea Cordial ~ Steeped in house with black tea. A true sweet tea, great with lemonade or a squeeze of lemon.

  • Cinnamon Cordial ~ Steeped in house with cinnamon sticks. Great in the fall with fresh apple cider.

  • Peppermint Cordial ~ Try this peppermint and you will never go back to the other brand.

  • Birch Beer Cordial ~ Tastes just like a root beer barrel. Best served over ice.

  • Our Vodka is made from corn and is double distilled, carbon filtered and pH balanced so it doesn't burn your lips and tongue, but it will still warm your belly.

  • Holy Hell~ We infused fresh jalapenos in our vodka to make a warm and flavorful spicy spirit that is great in a bloody mary, a hot n dirty or with margarita mix.

  • Espresso Infused Vodka ~ We infused fresh ground Super Dark Espresso Beans in our vodka to make a full flavored unsweetened spirit that is great in your favorite mocha or espresso martini.

  • Spiced Rum~ Our rum proofed to 80 and spiced with cinnamon sticks, dried clove, vanilla bean paste, dark brown sugar and fresh ginger. Perfect on ice, with eggnog or mixed with soda.

  • Dark Rum ~ Our dark rum is a very full flavored 90 proof rum. It will make you feel like your on a island. Great mixed with soda, ginger beer or fruit juice.

  • Gin ~ Our gin is a smooth 90 proof gin with citrus notes. It was made with non-gin drinkers in mind. Great over ice, in a traditional gin & tonic, or with flavored seltzer.

  • Barrel Rested Gin ~ Our gin rested in our used Apple Brandy barrel. A little bit gin, a little bit whiskey.

  • Hubert's Cut Whiskey~ Made with 100% barley from Mapleton, ME, with just a touch of toasted malt. Barrel aged in char 4 American white oak barrels for at least 9 months.

  • Jester's Best is our 'maple syrup flavored' whiskey. It is made from barley, malted barely, and toasted malted barely all from Mapleton, ME. We distill it in our own Trident Still, made right here in Etna, then barrel age it to perfection. Just before bottling we add the perfect amount of Maine maple syrup from Exeter, ME to make it a perfect sippin' whiskey.

    ATTENTION- We have noticed that there has been some settling in the bottom of the bottles. As you shake/pour out of the bottle they will break loose and look like 'floaties'. It is actually just maple sand, because we use real maple syrup and not an extract. You will not be able to get them to redissolve and it is not harmful. One of the 'side effects' of doing all natural.

  • Rye Whiskey~ Unfiltered and bottled at barrel strength, it has vanilla and raw honey notes. So smooth you would never know it's 119.94 proof.

  • Bourbon Whiskey ~ 100 proof, barrel aged at least 10 months. When corn malt turned out to be barley malt, our bourbon was born. Too good to be called an accident.

  • Apple Brandy ~ 80 proof Distilled from Conant's apple cider and barrel aged to perfection.

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