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We have 4 spots available. 1- 60' spot, 1- 40' spot and 2- 35' spots. The spots are not drive thru, but if you stay during the week you can park across the parking lot if you don't want to back up. All 4 spots have an astroturf area for you to park beside and use as your 'front lawn'. The parking area is made from 3/4" minus and flat. Our location is rural, but the neighbors do have a dog that likes to bark. You are welcome to drop your camper and go exploring. We even allow multiple night stays, just ask at the time of your booking. We do have fire pits available and plenty of dead wood laying around, just ask when you book. Even though the tasting room is only open on the weekends, generally we accept stays anytime. Just put in the request and we will be sure the gate is open for you and we can arrange a time that we can show you around the distillery. Check out our Facebook page to see what events we have coming up. The camper parking is behind some of our parking spots, so on the occasion we expect to be busy, you make get blocked in or out. We will always mention that to you and always do our best to keep the spots open to get you in or out on your schedule.

Our Location


About Harvest Host

What is Harvest Host? 

It is an app that you pay a yearly fee for that gives you access to places, like us, that allow you to park your camper in a safe location for the night. There are 2 big things to know. You must be self contained and the Harvest Host host cannot charge you. The program does suggest a $20 purchase at the business and the host can offer extras for a cost ie. electric hookup, fire pits etc.


Interested in booking with us? 

Join Harvest Host:

or call Jesse to book a stay directly at:

(207) 416 9353

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